Curse of Binding Minecraft

Curse of Binding Minecraft is an enchantment that forestalls the removal of a cursed item from its armour slot. An item with Curse of Binding Minecraft can’t be far away from any armour slot unless the player is in Creative mode, the player dies, or the item breaks.

For items without durability, the player must die to get rid of the item, making removal in Hard core mode impossible.

Supported Platforms Curse of Binding Minecraft

The Curse of Binding Minecraft enchantment is out there within the following versions:

Platform Supported (Version*)

Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes (1.11)

Pocket Edition (PE). No

Xbox 360 Yes (TU54)

Xbox One Yes (CU44), but removed in (1.2)

PS3 Yes (1.51)

PS4 Yes (1.52), but removed in (1.14.0)

Wii U Yes (Patch 24)

Nintendo Switch /. Yes (1.04), but removed in (1.5.0)

Windows 10 Edition No

Education Edition. No

NOTE: The version such as pocketbook (PE), Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition known as the bedrock edition that are further explained step by step.

Background Curse of Binding Minecraft

The Curse of Binding enchantment allows you to curse an item within the game. Once a player wears a cursed item in Survival mode, it can’t be removed until the item breaks or the player dies.

TIP: A cursed item is often removed at any time in Creative mode.

The Curse of Binding Minecraft enchantment can be added to any piece of armour like helmets, chest plates, leggings, boots or elytra using a fascinating table, anvil, or game command. Once a player wears the cursed item, the Curse of Binding will become, so the player won’t be ready to take the item off.

Level 1 is the maximum level for the Curse of Binding Minecraft. This suggests that you can only enchant an item with up to Curse of Binding I and zip higher for this enchantment.

Enchantment Name-Curse of Binding Minecraft

Min Level-Level 1 (Curse of Binding I)

Max Level-Level 1 (Curse of Binding I)

DescriptionCurses an item so that once a player wears it, it can’t be removed until the item breaks or the player dies.

Applies To

● Helmets

● Chest Plates

● Leggings

● Boots

● Elytra

How to add Enchantment

● Enchanting Table

● Anvil

●/Enchant command

What is the Working of the Curse of Binding Minecraft?

Those items or mobs enchanted with the curse of binding exist near the darn impossible to remove the items that the dying player equips. The curse of the enchantments comes for the best use of the Minecraft players.

Those Minecraft players can swap the creative mode quickly and remove it after some time. But sometimes, it is not possible in Minecraft, and it is the likely and valuable items safely stored in the chest.

In the curse of binding enchantments in Minecraft, the player has to kill frequently the others to remove the items. For this purpose, the Minecraft players kill the items consistently.

The clever Minecraft players think that the grindstone can easily use by them to remove the curse from the item after disenchanting it. In another case, if the player tried to attempt it, then they easily returned the item with the curse.

This is the method in which the enchantment, the curse of the binding works in the minecraft for the player.

Items to Enchant with Curse of Binding Minecraft

In Minecraft, you’ll enchant the subsequent items with Curse of Binding Minecraft:

● Enchanted Book

● Diamond Chestplate

● Diamond Leggings

● Diamond Boots

● Golden Helmet

● Golden Chestplate

● Golden Leggings

● Golden Boots

● Iron Helmet

● Iron Chestplate

● Iron Leggings

● Iron Boots

● Leather Cap

● Leather Tunic

● Leather Pants

● Leather Boots

● Chain Helmet

● Chain Chestplate

● Chain Leggings

● Chain Boots

● Netherite Helmet

● NetheriteChestplate

● Netherite Leggings

● Netherite Boots

● Turtle Shell

● Dyed Leather Cap

● Dyed Leather Tunic

● Dyed Leather Pants

● Dyed Leather Boots

● Elytra

Wear the Enchanted Armor

The enchantment on the cursed armour won’t bind until the player is wearing the cursed item (normally, you’d attempt to curse another player while wearing the armour).

However, we’ll quickly show you ways to wear the armour enchanted with the Curse of Binding.

Each armour item, including helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots, can be bound with Curse of Binding from your inventory to your character’s armour boxes.

You will see your character’s appearance change because the armour is worn.

Now that you simply are wearing the enchanted armour with Curse of Binding, you’ll not be ready to remove these armour items until they break; otherwise, you die.

Congratulations, you only learned all about the Curse of Binding in Minecraft.

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