What does the number 10 10 10 mean?

 Maybe you check the clock every day at 10:10 am, or suddenly walk 10:10 minutes or the address of your appointment is 1010. What does this mean? Is there any spiritual meaning to angel number 1010 or is it just a coincidence?

The vibrational number 1010 means that you are undergoing a transformation in some area of ​​your life, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. It is a powerful moment that will lead you to more important things in the future if you stay positive and keep moving towards your goal. Today is a day of great changes for you; It can be scary, but don't run away, these changes can bring wonderful new opportunities where you haven't seen them before.

It is time to trust yourself and know that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. The angel number 1010 suggests that it is time for you to enter the newness of life with joy and confidence, because the old ways have served us well, but now something even better is waiting for you around the corner.

Your higher self, subconscious mind, prana, universal life force or whatever your higher self refers to when it demands your attention. Your inner self asks you to be alert and awake.

Number 10: Union of Self with God

Deciphering the meaning of 10 is easy if you understand the meaning of each number. 1 plus 0 here is a combination you plus God. It signifies a union between your higher self and God / Spirit. When you see 10, you know that the Divine is trying to send you a message.


When you see two digits like 10:10, the universe is practically screaming for your attention! These numbers show your current vibration, and 1010 is great, so keep it up!

1010 Angel number is telling you that your angels are around you to help you. You will be successful with the help of the angels, so ask for their guidance. They are knocking on your door today to show their presence in some way. Don't ignore him because he may have something important to say to you.

According to Kyle Gray's book Angel Numbers, if you see 10:10 on a clock or elsewhere, it means, "You are on the cusp of something miraculous. Trust that God and angels are one and are with you now."

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